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Updated 08/2017

EL Data


PowerSchool (PS) serves as the authoritative source for EL student data and therefore serves as the official system for verifying student EL status. EL functionality will be managed at the state level by the NCDPI English as a Second Language (ESL) program staff and locally by EL coordinators and designees.

(Accounts for local employees are created and maintained by the local PowerSchool Coordinator associated to the employee's organization/division/section. Please contact the PS administrator at your school or district to set up your PS access. EL Coordinator's should have role 218 EL Coordinator at a minimum.)


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Annual Headcounts

October 1 EL Headcount - PRC 104

Report to the NC General Assembly: EL Headcount December 15, 2017

Report to the NC General Assembly: EL Headcount December 15, 2016

Headcount of EL Students to Fiscal Research SL 2003-284, Section 7.15(b) House Bill 397

February 1 Immigrant Headcount - PRC 111

Language Diversity Briefing